The World I Dream Of

Owen, you are a special boy.  We all love you so much and miss you every day!  I always wonder who your friends would be.  I wish I could help you with your homework and teach you how to do things like hunt, fix things, play sports, general home maintenance, and other life skills.  I

Happy Birthday Owen!

Happy Birthday Owen!!!  I love you so much! Today, I should be filled with joy and excitement since it is Owen’s birthday.  I should be giving him a kiss and wishing him happy birthday.  I should be laughing and talking about our plans for a fun party with friends and family.  I should be seeing all his

Winter Wonderland

What a great event! Pine Meadow’s gym looked fabulous, complete with thousands of tiny lights, student handmade paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and even a lifesize Grinch! It truly was a wonderland and we so enjoyed getting to see the excitement on all of the kids’ and parents’ faces as they waited for a