Is my gift anonymous? Will the receiver know that I was the one that elected them?

You can specify in the nomination form if you’d like to be known. Otherwise, we keep the gift anonymous.


How soon, is too soon for electing a family?

You can elect them to us as soon as you know of the loss.


How long after I nominate a family with they receive the gift?

We wait at least six months after the loss before putting the gift together for the family. A grieving family needs time to process the loss and begin dealing with the grief before they are able to even consider going out to do something. That is why we wait at least six months before giving the gift.


Can I specify what type of gift they receive?

Yes! Please do. Giving us specifics makes it much easier for us to give a gift that will be special and appreciated.


What communication should I expect after I nominate a family?

You can expect to receive an email from one of us on the Owen’s Night Out team letting you know that we have received your election.


I know a couple that lost a child 10 or more years ago. Would they still be considered for a gift?

Yes. We have given gifts to families that have lost a child in the past year as well as families that lost a child many years ago.